SCANDIA, MINNESOTA, UNITED STATES, November 5, 2019 / -- It’s the fourth quarter. We’ve planted our seeds. We’ve watched those seeds grow. Now it’s harvest time, that more reflective time.

Our business is ultimately going to rise and fall based on who we are in the moment. Taking the time to be appreciative of the abundance that you've created allows you to access your strategic thinking.

“We're three months away from making the new year's resolutions, which means we have three months to make sure we don't break them,” says Kelly Vaughan.

Kelly is the owner of JAG Products, Inc. manufacturers of unique insulators for electric fencing used in the containment of livestock, but she is first and foremost an entrepreneur ready to assist other entrepreneurs to thrive.

“This year I really forced myself to be more visible instead of behind the scenes,” says Kelly. “Not only did it raise the bar for myself and my capabilities, but it also had the impact of sharing that story that helps other people as well.”

“It's so easy when you're a business owner to wear a lot of hats because it gives you a sense of control,” says Kelly. You think, ‘No one can do it better than me,’ or ‘By the time explain it to someone, I could have done it myself.’ Iy makes it much easier to delegate when you shift your thinking to focus on where your time is best spent.”

No business owner truly hits the ground running. We learn over time and get better at our craft, more assertive, less averse to necessary risk.

“Richard Branson said, ‘If somebody offers you a great opportunity and you don't know how to do it, say yes and figure out how to do it later.’ That's what happened for me. It's not like I woke up one morning and said, “I want to make insulators for electric fencing.” When a door opens, you have to make a split-second decision if you're going to jump through that door or not because that door will close really fast. It is that pivotal moment where when something is presented to you, that's you take that leap of faith.”

CUTV News Radio will feature Kelly Vaughan in an interview with Jim Masters on November 7th and November 21st at 2pm EST.


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