To coincide with Go Skateboarding Day, we’ve rounded up some of the best releases from 2016 that you can cop right now.

In recent memory, we’ve seen some memorable drops from the world of skateboarding like Skate Mental and Nike SB’s pizza-themed Janoski, while we’ve also enjoyed seeing new releases from Tony Ferguson’s skate-luxe footwear label Rone.

But now we turn our attention back to core skate gear, so without further ado, here are ten of the strongest shoes that you should be hitting the skate park in right now.

As far as 2016 releases, you’ve got to mention the Nike SB Koston Hyperfeel 3. Here are the main points: this is probably the most technical skate shoe on the market, the ankle collar provides support without sacrificing flexibility, and they’re decently durable.

But yes, they’re expensive, ringing in at $150, which is higher than the price point of most skateboarding shoes. You be the judge.

Eric Koston wasn’t the only Nike SB skater this year to release a bangin’ shoe with his name on it. Ishod Wair made some noise with his first signature model drop, arriving as a Dunk Low Pro. We’re talking about a Dunk model here, so it’s tough to criticize the classic style, it is what it is. That being said, Nike did a pretty good job adapting the iconic model for skateboarding, increasing its durability with a few key reinforcements, and adding a cozy insole that provides improved board feel.

The Sk8-Hi dropped in 1978, and many years after, Vans celebrated this special day with a re-issue of their now iconic Sk8-Hi. The revamped design includes a 50th anniversary logo on the insole, in addition to more subtle text printed on the top eyelet.

Besides this, is there even something more to add? The Sk8-Hi is still iconic from a style perspective, and it’s one of the best shoes for those among us who insist on ankle support.

While we’re on the topic of ankle support, let’s move on to another high-top. Here is the Evan Smith signature pro model by DC. It might not be the best looking shoe in the world, but the design is purely- catered to skating, and the result is both balanced and functional.

Toe cap steez somewhat fell off the radar recently, but now is making a pretty clear comeback, being called on by a wide range of brands. Once you get used to the feel, it will add some longevity to your kicks, while Welcome Skateboards bring some extra personality to the release.

Here’s that toe cap again. As we mentioned before, it seems unavoidable in 2016. We had to include the HUF Cromer based on its classic profile, and because in skate culture, a vulcanized sole will never go out of style. The HUF Galaxy is another favorite of ours at the moment.

Here comes another vulcanized iteration, serving as the basis for an all suede upper. The Jameson Vulc by Etnies is light, they grip nicely, and the design is super slick. The price point is quite reassuring as well, so it’s a no-risk choice if you’re looking to scoop a pair from this list. We also enjoyed seeing two skateboard OGs teaming up.

Lakai has been banging the Fremont drum these days, and while the model is still trickling into retailers, you can check out Lakai’s Instagram profile to get an idea about what colors are on the way. The Fremont is super lightweight, comfortable, durable, and all-in-all, it’s one of Lakai’s most technical offerings right now.

éS has been bringing a few slappers lately. Now that the brand has been properly re-launched, the éS team is back on track with some heavy video parts from their pro skaters, which we’re glad to see. Now they’ve remixed the classic Accel with “slim” and “mid” versions. Steezy with tons of grip and board control.

We couldn’t finish this top 10 without mentioning a newcomer to the footwear landscape. Even considering the market right now, some daring individuals are still daring to launch their own skateboarding shoe brands. State Footwear is the brainchild of Kevin Furtado, former brand director of Dekline. Their first models like the Hudson clearly address basic design requirements, with neat and simple details.

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